Sustainable Coffee Supplies

Clouds are a symbol of nature – providing rainfall and cooler temperatures to sustain and grow our coffee. Our name – Cirrus Fine Coffee – reflects our interest in caring for the environment and our intention to operate to the highest sustainability standards.

Our vision is to offer incredible coffee and to be at the forefront of sustainable business practices. Some examples of our commitment to sustainability include:


We offer the choice of 100% compostable bags, or returnable bulk bags for coffee supply to our partner cafes.

Upcycled coffee machines

We’re committed to upcycling and reconditioning used espresso machines to extend their life and to reduce unnecessary wastage. Reconditioned machines are works of art and retain – or have been retrofitted with – all the functionality of more modern machines, but with polished and die-cut recycled wood panelling, instrumentation, handles and even brands.

Reground coffee solutions

We support our clients with a used coffee grounds collection service. Our partner – Reground- redistributes the coffee grounds to farms and gardens in Victoria. We also reuse 100% of the coffee grounds used at our roaster for growing vegetables in our vertical garden systems.

Sustainable business solutions

We collaborate with our sister company Biolfilta to provide vertical garden systems to our customers. Working with Biofilta we’re able to support cafes to reuse their coffee grounds on-site and to produce vegetables and herbs for their café kitchen.